About us

Wu and Lu Love (WaLL)  Photography

We are big fans of photography and cameras!!
We collect antique and vintage cameras!! RF, SLR, folder, TLR, compact, Polaroid…
We love to initiate different ART projects with our friends!! Please join us!!

Welcome to WaLL Photography!!
Wu and Lu 2011/2012


  1. Mickey Oberman says:

    Wu and Lu,

    Thank you for your excellent article on the Kine Exakta.
    My first SLR was the VX IIa which I bought in 1957 and used for twenty years..
    I still have it and it still works like new.
    I also have the version with the newer faceplate.
    I have the Exa I and the model with the new Faceplate.
    Various waist level viewfinders and a folding hood extension.
    Several prisms as well as the Examat metered prism made by Harwix Berlin and several different focusing glasses.
    Two bellows including the unique Bellowscope Jr. from Japan, and the Cobra Release Extension.
    Four lenses. Several books and instruction manuals. Some leather cases.

    Not a big collection but gratifying.

    Mickey Oberman

    • Mickey Oberman says:

      Addendum to my previous letter.

      I also collect and restore antique/old cameras. I have over 250 cameras from 8×10 to 16mm.
      No true specialty, If I see one that appeals to me and I can afford it, it joins the crowd.
      There is a complete fairly well constituted darkroom in my basement which has not been used for six years since I went digital.


      • Hi Mickey

        You are a REAL collector!! I hope one day we can visit your basement darkroom and see your 250 collections!!

        And I hope that you would not mind if we consult you about camera or photography history in the coming future. Thanks in advance.

        Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you like that.

        Wu and Lu

  2. Hello!
    I want to publish your Interesting article about the old camera in the new issue of my magazine.
    As you look at it?

    With The Best
    Ed Safin

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