RE: I am a “Twin” – Original Rolleiflex K1 (1929) – commented by Mickey from Canada

Posted: May 2, 2013 in WaLL Museum!
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One of my motivations to maintain this blog is hoping to connect different camera collectors from different countries.

Mickey from Canada is one of my most respected camera collectors. He has huge knowledge in camera and photography history. I enjoy reading his comments so much.

Here I would like to share his feedback of my last article “I am a “Twin” – Original Rolleiflex K1 (1929)“. Enjoy!

“Wu and Lu.

What an interesting, informative, well illustrated and attractive post.
You really do delve deeply into all there is to know about an individual camera.

My little addendum is about battlefield cameras. It may be apocryphal but I have no reason to doubt its veracity.

The Kodak Medalist was introduced in 1941 to replace the heavy, bulky, complicated, slow to use Graphic/Graflex type folding press cameras. It took 620 film giving 6 or 8 exposures as well as dry plate, sheet films, film pack. However, I shall not go into all of its many features and attributes.

Regarding battlefield usage I have heard several versions of how photographers were able to fend off attacking enemy soldiers by swinging this almost 3 pound camera at them and killing or disabling them. The photographers were then able to go about their business with their undamaged camera.

I would like to attach a photo of my Medalist I but don’t know how. (E.WU: Thanks Mickey for sending me these pics via email)

Kodak Medalist I

Kodak Medalist I

Kodak Medalist I

Kodak Medalist I

Kodak Medalist I

Kodak Medalist I

I have just spent several happy hours going through your extraordinary site. I am not finished yet.
Thank you for sharing it with us.



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