Polaroid SX-70 SONAR OneStep. Product of 1978.

Posted: October 9, 2011 in WaLL Museum!
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The reason of calling the Polaroid instant camera “Land Camera” is because of the inventor Edwin Land. He manufactured different series of instant self-developing film cameras between 1947 and 1983.

The older version of Land Cameras (e.g. Series 100 to 400 pack film camera) produce a lot of wastes – the peeled negative side, the number tabs, the pulling tabs etc…, making the cameras not so convenient to use.

SX-70 solved this problem by using another type of instant film. It is a folding single lens reflex (SLR) camera takes integral instant film from 1972. The version we introduced here is the FIRST auto-focus SLR in the world, by using the ultrasonic system called SONAR. So, it has a long name called Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera SONAR OneStep.

Details of the Camera:

Production – Produced on Dec 3 1978 during B shift; has the alpha 1 shutter design with Alpha 『K』 focus wheel

Lens – 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens; The camera allows manual focus as close as 10.4 inches (26.4cm)

Light metering – An automatic exposure system. Low-light warning in viewfinder

Shutter speed – Range from 1/175s to more than 10 seconds

If you are interested in Polaroid Land Camera, please visit our Revival of Polaroid 450 Blog article. And in our next blog article, we will talk about how to use more common 600 instant film to replace 100 instant film (or using the Impossible Project 600 film).

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