Olympus Chrome Six RIIB. Product of 1955.

Posted: October 1, 2011 in WaLL Museum!
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This is the end of the line for Olympus folding cameras. After some 20 years of production folders are no longer popular as the 35mm compact is set to take over the world.

The Olympus Chrome Six RII has an uncoupled rangefinder, an advance lever and an auto-stop advance device. The top housing is designed in the same style as the Chrome Six V. The uncoupled rangefinder is driven by a knob falling under the right thumb, then the distance reading is manually transferred to the lens focusing ring. The viewfinder eyepiece is offset to the left, the same as on the Chrome Six V, and the round second image window is on the right.

Model B is fitted with the f2.8 lens (Model A is fitted with f3.5 lens). Produced in 1955. Very Rare.

The original box

The original manual

The original manual in Japanese

Certificate with 3 years warranty

The original leather case – close

The original leather case – open

New member in our WaLL Museum!!

Top view

Front view

The Lens: Zuiko F.C. f/2.8

The bellow in excellent condition

The Lens: Zuiko F.C. f/2.8; 7.5cm (75mm)

DoF scale

66 or 645 film window

Uncoupled Rangefinder; and the serial number

Uncoupled film winder

Mask for 645 – You can decide to take 645 or 66 format before film loading

The whole set of Olympus Six RIIB

Olympus Chrome Six RIIB  – the last Olympus medium format camera


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